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Phi Sigma Iota

International Foreign Language
Honor Society, Inc.

Member of the Association of College Honor Societies

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The Phi Sigma Iota By-Laws allow Chapters to organize the events judged appropriate by their officers in order to satisfy the ideals of Phi Sigma Iota and to reinforce in their respective communities a public image which encourages the pursuit of foreign languages curricula. Programs may include lectures, symposiums, slide shows, art or collection shows, concert, festivals, picnics, banquets, food-tasting parties with international dishes, wine or spiced tea and cheese parties, etc. Phi Sigma Iota members, faculty teaching at the Chapter's institution or at neighboring colleges, distinguished international personalities, foreign visitors, members of the diplomatic corps, etc., may be invited to contribute to the splendor of meetings.

The following list was compiled by Juan Barroso VIII from materials distributed at an ACHS conference. Valuable suggestions for meetings can further be obtained from the summary of activities of Chapters as published in The Forum.

  • SCHOOL PAPER. Publish articles about your chapter initiation and other activities.
  • HONORS PROGRAM. If your school has one, establish relations and offer the services of your organization. You can help each other recruit.
  • LIBRARY. Investigate the possibility of helping with book donation drives and sales to benefit collections.
  • TUTORIAL SERVICE. Many students need help with language study. Your enthusiasm can be contagious, and your experience can help other students overcome difficulties.
  • PIZZA WITH PROFESSORS. Or paella or punch or whatever! Get to know professors on a social basis and show your appreciation by treating them .
  • FOOD FAIR. Have students prepare foods from different countries for members and guests to sample. Try to involve foreign students.
  • SPONSORED LECTURES AND SEMINARS. Invite students and professors to speak on topics related to language and cultural awareness.
  • CONVERSATION GROUPS. Sponsor regular meetings for informal chats in languages studied by chapter members. Invite native speakers of other languages, and offer to help them with their English in exchange for their help with their language .
  • QUIZ BOWL. Utilize research expertise and stimulate quick thinking by sponsoring a contest.
  • PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION. Invite people from the community to speak on ways in which second language knowledge and awareness of other countries is important in various professions.

Phi Sigma Iota maintains an International Headquarters at
The Department of Modern & Classical Languages
Allegheny College
Address Correspondence to:
Phi Sigma Iota
Roz Macken, Administrative Director
Allegheny College
520 North Main St., Box 30
Meadville, PA 16335-3902
Phone: 814.332.4886
email: contact@phisigmaiota.org